Donquixote Brothers - 2015 Spring Summer collection xDD


Donquixote Brothers - 2015 Spring Summer collection xDD

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Law and Luffy first encounter before and after time-skip
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-♥- Independent  Nico Robin RP Blog
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-♥- Independent  Nico Robin RP Blog

-♥- PreSkip/Post Skip

-♥- OC & Canon Friendly

-♥- AU and M!A’s Welcome!

-♥- Para/Multi-Para and One-liners

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"why are both of you rambunctious monkeys here…"


1.Who is the most stubborn: it all depends on the subject,what and who it is, I supposed. When it comes to myself, I can be quite stubborn and really know how to put my foot down. Now, my muse,ha…haha what a stubborn man he is- Its difficult to change his course once his mind has set sail for the objective he wishes to obtain, he needs a clear reason of why not, proper facts. it all depends, but its hard to stop him really.

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Out of Muse and Mun, which one…
01: is the most stubborn
02: is the most practical
03: has the shortest temper
04: has the wittiest tongue
05: gets more romantic attention
06: gets in more fights
07: is the most hygienic
08: is the most friendly
09: is taller
10: weighs more
11: is the better singer
12: is the better dancer
13: is more Renegade
14: has the most self-confidence
15: is the biggest liar
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this just in: We had the rare sighting of the ashorapturus, known to be friendly and hilaorious- unless said enemy is hurting there nakama or family then known to use there battle cry or gurarara, and there bootys quakes

» trafalgarlawkun talking about gurararara in a group chat after she appeared and disappeared- (via strawhatladies)  
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    Alright!, so this week my plans are to get this blog back an running more, instead of doing things now and than. I miss it a lot and my Rp’s.  Along with doing this i have to write a 2-4 page essay for my philosophy class (i’ll be doing that today, or later today, rough draft at least)  I have a bout 14 drafts, i know not everything i owe is drafted, i’ll hunt them down…soon. 

I know i owe starters as well, If you’re on hiatus, i’ll take a lot more time to get it out…

I will also be working on my blog(s)and adding more detail, probably changing Laws about page, updating the guidlines  etc. Thats about all i have to say for now! I hope everyone’s been good and school hasn’t been killing them…to much.

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[]His remark weaved a small pout along her lips; she couldn’t help but wonder how many others had noticed her lack of sleep and tired state too. However, his later confirmation to having some medication that could help, relieved her and a small smile appeared instead.

She tried to keep his instructions in mind and hoped she wouldn’t forget anything, though right now all she really could focus on was getting some or any sleep. ❝Okay❞ she replied quite impatiently. ❝So how much do I take and ━❞ a slight pause before she hesitantly asked. ❝What would happen if I do take extra?❞


 ღ ▐          ❝ You only need one, if perhaps, that does work than two is okay. ” His grey orbs scanned her facial expression before narrowing; It can be dangerous to take an unneeded amount of the drug…but, its not like she ever gave him a reason not to trust the musician. 

❝Two is more than enough Folding his arms to hug against his chest, only to stare down at the strawberry blonde as a sigh slipped throughout his pearly whites,Maybe proceeding with caution wouldn’t hurt…No. there should be no reason for her to know, she wouldn’t be taking more than the prescribed medication..right? 

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koala-for-k said:
Happy birthday Kat (u probably only know my flamingo blog xD) lol anyways -throws tons of cats- have them :D

//Oh man thank you!!! and which is that, is it the new one that popped up???

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//Iv had so much cake today, ugh, and food. way to much./ but it so good.  I dont know how to knit xD

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//Thank you very much you guys!! 

//And its been pretty splendid redeyetrio,THANK YOU!!!

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//Happy birthday!! Hope it's been a great day for you! 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

//Thank you very much! its been awesome. trying to answer all these, since i got a chance to sit down.

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Happy Birthday!! ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆

//Thank you so much!!!!! this is quite cute!!

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